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I just don’t get the cat thing
April 5, 2010, 7:11 pm
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People can get pretty intense about their pets. I get that. And if people want to have cats or dogs, or snakes or lizards or parrots, sure, fine. But why should I have to deal with your pet? That’s what I don’t get.

If a dog owner takes his dog for a walk, the dog is leashed and its poop dutifully picked up by its owner. (At least, usually. Dog owners do seem, as a general rule, to be very good about this.) If I don’t like dogs, then I don’t have to own one. In this case, we see that the dog owner has not intruded upon my space one bit.

But cat owners? They’re a whole different breed.

It’s accepted fact, it seems, that cats should be allowed to roam outside without a leash. It would be cruel, argues the cat owner, since it’s against their nature. This annoys the shit out of me though. I don’t like cats. Yet my neighbour’s cat seems to really like us. It is here every day. It pisses in my children’s sandbox, it snoops around my yard and into my garage. Heck, I even found it in my house one day! We make hissing noises at it in the hopes that it will find somewhere friendlier to roam. But no such luck yet.

The same neighbour (let’s call him Joe) tells me that another neighbour (let’s call her Lucy) complained to him about his cat. The nerve, he seemed to suggest. A grouchy, old prude, further suggested. He simply scoffed at Lucy and her threats to call the city on his unleashed cat in her yard and told her “live and let live.” Oh, come on. My inner-thought to that is: “Fuck off. It’s your stupid cat. Why do I have to let it ‘live and let live’ on my property?”

But I don’t what to be “that” neighbour who causes a fuss. Especially over a cat. So, where does one draw the line? Do I politely suggest that I don’t appreciate their cat pissing in my children’s sandbox? Well, I would if I thought it would do any good. That cat is out all day and all night. How could they possible control where it goes?

There is a bylaw in our area that all pets are supposed to be leashed when outdoors, but as we know, bylaws — and laws — don’t always get followed. Which puts someone like me in the awkward position of being “that” person.

And none (okay, most) of us want to be “that” person. (Just check out the raging debate over at PhD in Parenting on whether or not a parent should advise another parent on car child restraints, as proof.) And I sure as hell don’t, either.

But, man, that cat really pisses me off.


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